What is Vigilante Customer Service?

 13 years of employment at Bank of America taught me one thing: Never trust someone on the other end of the phone. (I mean that about your “teammates” helping one of your clients)

Banks are worth tens of billions of dollars. Banks make billions of dollars every quarter. As I used to tell my clients, banks are not charities. American companies are in it to make money. That’s the American way.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be dicks and not help people.

What I’ve seen in the last 3 years is a lackadaisical approach at customer service. It is something the likes of which the average customer can’t comprehend. I have seen the refusal of basic bank fees, even in the event of third-party or bank error. I have seen fraud claims ruled against the customer, despite overwhelming proof that they didn’t do the transaction. I have seen checks being held for insane periods of time, longer than even ten years ago, despite all the technology you can throw a stick at, I see them say to the client, “We are just managing risk. We are protecting you and the bank.”

Instead of educating clients on how to bank properly form the moment they are in your bubble, I see Social Media Teams throwing a URL of why the bad thing happened, and basically saying, “We charged you because we could!”

One year out of the banking game, I can tell you that from afar, I see it getting worse. I talk, tweet at or respond to 150-200 people every single day about an issue that is going on with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, or Citi. More than half the country banks with one of those four.

Imagine the clients needing help that never take to Twitter to find the Notorious Banker? There has to be thousands of people needing help every single day.

On a whim in April 2019, I assisted a couple clients with some issues with fees with Bank of America. I got them hundreds back with just a little discussion, and a little guidance. That was the start of something amazing.


I was going to interject my opinion, my advice into any person’s issue that wanted it, and guiding them to a level of help that banks simply don’t want you to know about. I fought for people to get fraud claims reviewed, I fought for them to have a voice when an honest mistake leads to a fee. I fought for them when a check for their hard work is being held up to 10 business days, leaving them without money to eat or pay bills until nearly the next pay period. I fought for people that weren’t told important things about the most important thing to them: Their money!

I decided not to stand for it, so I dedicated 90 hours a week to helping people. My DM’s are a dance party of bank despair and anger.

I have “liberated” $1.1 Million since April 1, 2019. Money that is back into the hands of bank customers across all the major banks with a lot of hard work, a lot of caring, and one thing banks don’t do anymore… research.

This $1.1 Million includes money from overdraft fees, monthly maintenance fees, withdrawal limit fees, check hold releases, fraud claim denial reversals, and so much more!

Here is just a sampling of all the people I have helped on Twitter, including those under my old Twitter handle @BankScrewedUs

Bank of America took away internet access the first 7 years I was there to all non-managers. You know what I did? I read the policy and procedure manual (PRO) up and down many times over. I know everything to call them out on when their Twitter is full of the lies and deceit that @bofa_help and @ask_wellsfargo throws out to their customers in the name of “great” service.

I usurp their energy and steal their thunder. I love it. I am the best banker out there BECAUSE I CARE, and I am currently a man without a bank.

How do I “liberate” your money? That’s a closely guarded secret, but I can tell you that it’s based on product knowledge, policy, procedure, and the ability to find information and seek out people who CAN help, where the normal customer service channels are told not to help. Nothing unethical, nothing illegal, just hard work, and a lot of coaching the customer to learn how to fight back.

If I fight for you, learn this about what I do:

I don’t even need to know your name most of the time. Fraud within big banks is usually very easy to spot and very easy to solve, even without personal info. Banks will stop at nothing to keep you from your money in the name of not taking losses to enhance their bonuses, or taking accountability. I am here to help. I will try not to get personal, because in the end, it’s your business, I am just using my expertise to help you.

 My name is James, and I thank you for trusting me.

For Vigilante Customer Service inquiries,

Email or DM me on Twitter: @BankBetterGuy

Here is just a sampling of all the people I have helped on Twitter, including those under my old Twitter handle @BankScrewedUs